A Message From The Founders Of River Street Poker


River Street Poker is a family owned and operated recreational Texas Hold ‘Em League headed up by Marlene Armstrong with some help from her husband, Dave Armstrong, Sr..  The Armstrongs hail from the lovely State of Ohio, but have made Savannah their home for the last 30 years.

The Armstrong family has been playing all kinds of cards their whole lives they took a special liking to Texas Hold ‘em poker and have hosted games at community fundraisers as well as in their homes.  They hope their love for the game is evident and felt by every player that takes a seat at the table.

River Street Poker league became available after establishing a solid following its one year inception and Marlene jumped at the opportunity to take over the league when it became available. The goal: take the league to the next level, with a focus on fun and camaraderie.  The Armstrongs stress the importance of the recreational aspect of poker and take a no-nonsense approach to daily games.  A strong structure and fair hand encourages players not only to start the hobby, but to remain active participants on a weekly basis.  With the emphasis on fun, fairness and good poker etiquette, players of all levels of expertise keep coming back the tables for more.

The player experience is what ultimately benefits our hosting venues.  River Street Poker fosters a true symbiotic relationship between organizers, players and hosts. The end result is league participant pride in not only how they play their hands but where the games are held. A sense of ownership is established and a requisite economic support of our venues.  The glue that holds it all together develops s accordingly.  We’ll play for fun, we’ll play for awesome prizes and we’ll play to support our local economy.  Whether you’re looking to play Texas Hold ‘em or become a host for events, we invite you to join our family.

The People of River Street Poker

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