League Parameters and Rules of Play

River Street Poker is a year-round recreational poker league designed to offer players of all skill levels a fun and inexpensive avenue by which to compete and hone their skills at No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker.  Free tournaments hosted at Savannah bars and restaurants reward winners with daily prizes and entries into more exclusive monthly and yearly events.  Registration and membership into the league is absolutely free, and there is never a charge to play in any of our games.  We both encourage and reward players for patronizing our host establishments while they play, as it is the venue that provides the foundation on which the league is conducted.  As long as our host bars and restaurants are happy we’re there, the league not only survives, but thrives. Below are links by which you can learn everything about River Street Poker.  We encourage all our poker players to familiarize themselves with our play and prize structure, league guidelines, and rules of play.  The more familiar our players become with how the league is conducted the better educators they become to newer league members, and the more fun we all have as a result.  Any questions may be directed to us by using the Contact button on the top-right side of the website.  

League Format

Tournament Structure

Official RSP Rules Governing Tournament Play

RSP Code of Conduct Chip-Up Chart

The RSP No-Limit Texas Hold’em Primer (for our beginners)