River Street Poker News

Masterful Mike Does It Again!

Rockin’ Rayguy Harris Wins His Long-Awaited Onyx Coin!

Newcomer Shawn Boyd is Thrilled with his Final Table Win!

Karen Carter Takes Home the Top Prize In Her First RSP Monthly!

Eddie Bruner was Unstoppable at the Final Table and Gets His First Win

Masterful Mike Clark Wins the March Monthly

Nicole Brumble Brings Takes the First Tournament of 2018!

Smilin’ Sandy Steals the Show!

Ducky Dutch Finally Takes Home the Onyx Coin!

Kerisene Turned Up the Heat at the August Monthly!

“Big Daddy” Bobby Panchal Takes Home the Big Prize at the June 2017 Monthly! 

Kevin Lowery Wins the April 2017 Monthly

Holley Grooms is Your 2016 RSP Champion!

Jorgé Takes Home the Big Prize on His Farewell Tour!

The Allens Take Over the December Monthly

Jorge Chavez Topples Vince’s Mountain to Take Home the Prize!

Pat Perseveres to Get His First Title of the Year!

Van Is the Man at the June 2016 Main Event!

A Thrilling Ending Gives Sean Horton His Second Straight Monthly Title!

Un-Shakeable Sean Horton Wins the March Monthly!

Smilin’ Steve Sullivan is the 2015 Champion!

Tricky Tina Harper Takes the Tourney!

Scott Altis wins his THIRD Monthly Tournament

Zeb Berry Topples the Competition at the Final Monthly of 2015

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March, 2014: Ryan Moore Picks Up Two!

February, 2014: Rosemary Christenson Wins It All!

November 5, 2013: “Keri V Gets the Top Prize””

October 7, 2013: “Robert Sr. Rallies”


July 20, 2012:  RSP Introduces the “Rachael’s Rush”


June 6, 2012:  RSP Makes Donation To Fight Breast Cancer